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Selected Work

EUXmedia // SEL Education

We believe the methods for enabling effective SEL are not fully realized. We are developing a comprehensive  K-8 SEL program that is digital, utilizing REAL KIDS and REAL STORIES in documentary format. A flexible, modular and updatable program that addresses diverse emotional responses and opinions of the students, while creating visceral content that is fun, engaging and relatable!

We have already created a pilot video and supporting materials for grade 7 and are currently looking for an educational partner to collaborate with.

Peer-To-Peer Student Learning

Pearson Education // K-12

We are changing the way students learn from home. Authenticity is the backbone of the approach. The results are already tangible! We innovated our production approach through CoVID 19 challenges, moving from massive sound stage production, to family production pods to a full impressive virtual production production workflow.


  • Soundstage production
  • Innovative virtual production in response to Covid-19 challenges
  • Diverse casting of over 100 actors
  • Directing and managing talent and crew
  • On-set problem solving and troubleshooting
  • Data management and backup of raw footage.


Pearson Education


K-12 Education


  • Over 3,000 peer to peer videos
  • More than 3,000 scripts based on learning goals

The Sitcom That Teaches English

Wall Street English // ESL Education

The project that became a family

When you work on a project this special and of this scale and intensity, indelible bonds are made. The cast and crew still communicate to this day via a WSE social media group.


Days of continuous production


Pages of scripts




14 - 24 Minute episodes


Multicultural actors


Levels of EL Education


English language program in China


Post production deliverables

Diabetes Meter Training Videos

Roche Diagnostics // Life Sciences

What project first equipped EUXmedia with the knowledge, know-how and execution to deliver massive projects on time and in unparalleled quality? The Roche Diagnostics MTV project was of scope and scale never before seen in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Period.

  • Produced over 3000 Educational/Instructional videos
  • Modular video approach
  • In 38 different Languages with 34 differentactors
  • Using a cast of only native speakers
  • Largest video project in Pharma history!
  • Covered 98% of the global markets

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